The project captures the struggle between the silent compassionate inner voice and the loud surrounding pressure that talks the global language of money.
Satisfaction is often sought through achievements and success, but time does not stop when the goals are met. The rush continues and new goals and responsibilities are waiting to be handled and money dictates the ever growing pace. A person can feel quite lost, all the time he should be in places, doing things, while his mind really craves for calm and to reconnect with the nature. It is as if you are all the time on your way somewhere, but never arrive. Is it possible today to put the ego and business aside, to focus on matters that really matter? Are we allowed to be unproductive and to settle down around what truly is essential? What would happen if the people in power would stop thinking money first?
During times affected by the corona-virus I find this project even more current. Nations are making big decisions trying to balance between the health of the people and economical losses. The offices has merged with private homes forcing the decision makers to step down from the skyscrapers and work from home surrounded by family and nature. Can it be a game changer bringing important matters as the climate and well-being of people closer to the decision making?
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